iPhone Repair Sharjah

We fix your iPhone at your doorstep or come to our iPhone repair service in Sharjah


    Hey there, have you ever found yourself asking, “Is there an iPhone repair service near me or best place to repair iPhone in Sharjah that can provide on-site repair at my convenience, who can fix my iPhone in Sharjah at my doorstep?”. Today – the answer is a resounding YES. Look no further you have come to the right place. Al Sharq is equipped with the world’s first solar-powered mobile service center. we come to fix your iPhone anywhere in Sharjah in no time. We provide up to 2 years’ warranty because we only use the best parts. All our Al Shaq are extensively trained and vetted. We are very serious about providing the best quality and strive for the best customer service experience.

    You also have another option. You are more than welcome to come to our iPhone repair service Shop in Sharjah. We have a chillax waiting lounge where you can enjoy unlimited tea or coffee as we fix your iPhone. Our iPhone service Shop in Sharjah is built to the highest standard and is ESD compliant. You can come and see for yourself. This is why Al Sharq has become the highest rated and most reviewed service centre in the UAE.

    We fix any iPhone, cracked screen repair Sharjah, any problem, anywhere. We provide Apple support for all iPhone repairs, apple iPhone screen repair similar to Apple Sharjah, but faster. We have identified common iPhone problems, some of them include:

    iPhone Screen Repair or Replacement

    The most common type of problem is an iPhone broken screen. We provide an iPhone screen fix on-site. We can change your iPhone glass or iPhone display wherever you are located. Just call Al Sharq on WhatsApp (+97150711 7043) or call 971 6 539 21 20 and we shall arrange help ASAP! Screens come with up to 2 years’ warranty so you need not worry about the iPhone screen repair cost for the next two years! If you are looking for affordable iPhone screen repair or iPhone repair Sharjah mall, Al Sharq provide you iPhone screen repair price in Sharjah.

    We often provide great promotions on every iPhone screen repair in Sharjah.

    iPhone Battery Replacement

    This is another common problem on the iPhone. Is your iPhone battery not working? Are you having iPhone battery issues? Is your iPhone battery overheating? or iPhone not powering on / not switching on? Maybe it’s a charging issue? It doesn’t matter, we are equipped with the latest tech to repair your iPhone. Every iPhone battery replacement in Sharjah can be done on-site or you can come to our Apple service center, located in the heart of Sharjah at Muwailah. The iPhone battery replacement cost with Al Sharq is very affordable! Just search on Google iPhone Battery Replacement Near me. To see if we are located near you in Sharjah.

    However, having said that. we can still come to your doorstep anywhere you are located in Sharjah.

    iPhone Camera Repair and Replacement

    We all love taking photos. Therefore, when your iPhone Camera stops working, it is quite upsetting. We fix all iPhone camera problems. Whether it is an iPhone camera crack or you need an iPhone lens replacement. We can fix your iPhone Camera on-site wherever you are located. On the other hand, if you are close to us. Simply search for ‘iPhone Camera repair near me’.

    We shall pop – up and help you out.

    iPhone Back Glass Change or Replacement

    A complex and common issue, especially on the newer iPhones is a broken iPhone back glass or cover. We can replace your iPhone’s back cover and arrange a new back glass change anywhere in Sharjah. This is typically a deep level repair and requires anywhere between 4 to 6 hours of technical work. And if you are unable to visit our Apple service center in Sharjah, we can pick up your device, you are located in Sharjah. We provide the best Apple support service on all iPhone back glass change or iPhone back camera glass change in Sharjah, UAE. You need not worry about finding the location of the Apple store in Sharjah anymore!

    We’ll come to your location anywhere in Sharjah and provide the best Apple support services!

    iPhone Touch Not Working

    Is your iPhone touch not working? You keep pressing your iPhone but the touch is not responsive. Al Sharq technicians are certified and equipped with the latest tech to help you out with this problem. Get in touch and let us provide help at your doorstep or come to our service center in Business Bay. Al Sharq is always available for any iPhone repair Sharjah especially when your iPhone touch is not working.

    iPhone Microphone Not Working

    Do you find yourself talking loudly into your mic and the other person can still not hear you? You probably need an iPhone microphone replacement. We can replace your iPhone mic anywhere in Sharjah effectively and quickly. You do not have to worry about your iPhone mic not working. Certified Sharq will come to your rescue for your iPhone microphone problem.

    Al Sharq provides the best apple repair Sharjah service.

    iPhone Home Button Replacement

    Is your iPhone home button jammed? You apply pressure on this round button and no response. We can fix your iPhone home button. Al Sharq technicians are equipped to help you out with this problem at your doorstep. We can provide an iPhone button replacement at your convenience. Yes, that’s right,

    we provide iPhone repair home service in Sharjah!

    iPhone Software Issues

    Your device looks fine. However, the software is backing up. Do you need help with iCloud or iPhone data recovery? You have come to the right place. We have helped 100’s of customers with iPhone software problems. Just call +971 6 539 2120 for your iPhone Repair anywhere in Sharjah. No need to search “where to repair iPhone in Sharjah” or “apple iPhone service center near me” on your browser and get confused anymore!

    We are here to fix all your problems.